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New Rusk Styling Collection

Rusk Paste -

When hair thinks it has a mind of its own, hair paste tames it into radical submissiveness. Web-like texture and stretchable fibers provide supreme control. Oh yeah, and the prerogative to change any 'do mid-style or mid-day. RUSK® Paste is the master manipulator.

Rusk Glue -

Firm yet flexible. Holding power in humidity. This hair glue won’t let any style down – until it’s washed. Hair looks thicker, feels thicker and, once this product has performed its duty, it washes away like yesterday’s news. RUSK® Glue sounds too good to be true, except it’s not.

Rusk Putty -

Show hair who’s boss. With hair putty, hair does as it’s told – bowing to every command for flexible texture, definition and added thickness. Rule the world, but rule hair first. Take charge with RUSK® Putty.

Also be sure to try the rest of the Rusk Styling Collection!

Fetauring: Anti-Frizz Hairspray, Working Hairspray, Freezing Hairspray, Gloss Wax, Heat Shift, and Texture Spray, all offering heat & color protection!

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